Greek Week ‘Mystery Event’ shows off ‘Nerds’

Last Friday, the Greek community gathered on the University Center patio for another exciting event celebrating Greek Week. The ‘Mystery Event’ was different from all the others, as participants did not know what the event was about, or what it entailed. Thus called a mystery.

Heather Davis and Pinar Alper, from Kappa Kappa Gamma, were very excited about the ‘Mystery Event.’ They had previously participated in the ‘Organized Cheer’ and ‘Olympic Day,’ as well as many others, and were looking forward to the dance-a-thon on Saturday. “We have worked hard on all of the events, especially the ‘Organized Cheer,’ which was my favorite”, Davis said. “My favorite was definitely ‘Olympic Day'”, added Alper.

The ‘Mystery Event’ began at 6 p.m. as the fraternities and sororities met on the UC patio.

Food and drinks were set up on the side of the patio, while a movie screen was set up in the pool area. After a nice dinner with friends, the crowd moved towards the pool area to watch the featured movie: 1984’s Revenge of the Nerds, a movie about nerds who form a fraternity to battle against the bullies in the Alpha Beta Fraternity.

Everyone gathered around the screen, either in chairs, or stretched out on the ground wrapped in blankets to keep warm on the cool, windy night.

The event was an overall success, despite the cool weather. It was a very relaxing evening; a great relief to many. A nice dinner and a movie outdoors surrounded by family and friends seemed to be the perfect ending to the week.

Greek Week began on Friday, February 22 and concluded on Sunday. There were many exciting events through out the week, including a dance-a-thon, ‘Organized Cheer,’ and ‘Olympic Day.’ All of the money raised will be given to the many charities to which the sororities and Fraternities contribute.