Greek Week ends with record turnout

University of Miami fraternity and sorority members ended Greek Week 2002 with a renewed sense of community.

2002 was a record year for participation, with every fraternity and sorority involved in the Greek Week events.

“It gave a great positive outlook on the Greek community on campus,” said president of the winning sorority Delta Phi Epsilon, Amanda Hawryluk.

The annual Dance-A-Thon at the Rathskeller last Saturday raised almost $9000 for United Cerebral Palsy, about $1500 more than last year, organizers said.

“That’s more than any year we’ve ever done,” said Greek Week co-chair and Alpha Sigma Phi brother, Jorge Lima.

Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and Delta Gamma sorority went home triumphant as Dance-a-thon winners.

“We got to spend time with each other-12 hours together with nothing else to do. That never happens,” Hawryluk said.

Organized Cheer, one of the most participated events during the week, raised money for Families of Freedom, a scholarship fund for the children of victims of Sep. 11.

Alpha Sigma Phi and Zeta Tau Alpha won the first place Oscar-esque trophies for the event.

Lima also said that the blood drive was very successful.

“The South Florida Blood Bank told us we saved over 7000 lives with the blood we donated,” Lima said.

The fact that all the Greek organizations participated this year-something that hasn’t happened in 15 years, organizers said-really cemented the community, Lima said.

“This year everyone did something. It might not be a huge thing that we do, but we can get together and do something. We gained a sense of community,” Lima said.

The competition that pervades the week did not overthrow the merriment of the events, Lima said.

“The events were amazing. The biggest point was the Mystery Event. We had all the Greeks sitting out by the pool watching a movie,” Lima said. The movie was Revenge of the Nerds.

“It was kind of cold so we were all bundled up watching a movie about how stupid Greeks are,” Bae said.

“The events were more fun this year and there was so much enthusiasm,” Hawryluk said.

“We had competition but not dirty competition,” Lima said. “People were proud to be Greek.”

Spirit awards were given to Sigma Alpha Mu and Delta Delta Delta.

Overall first-place winners for Greek Week 2002 were Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity and Delta Phi Epsilon sorority.

“All of the sororities participated really well. This year was probably the closest it’s ever been,” Bae said. “I’m just glad our sisterhood is so strong.”