A slice of Guatemala in Miami

A few months ago, a moderate case of homesickness triggered severe hunger pangs for Guatemalan food. The mere sound of the words enchilada, chuchito and rellenito launched my saliva production into maximum overdrive. Intent on satiating my craving, I called the consulate hoping someone at the diplomatic corps could help me. There, I was referred to a Guatemalan travel agent who, in turn, referred me to Antigua Guatemala, a quaint little restaurant just west of West 27 Avenue on Flagler Street.

The external impression may make some wary. The place looks like a hole in the wall; a somewhat run-down structure in a shady area of town. But the interior of the eatery, named after the first Guatemalan capital that was once a famous colonial hub of the Spanish empire, is an upscale version of a small-town Guatemalan restaurant.

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