Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

I was rather upset last Tuesday when I picked up a copy of the Miami Hurricane. Senior linebacker Chris Campbell was one of the major stories that appeared on the front page. But the primary purpose no longer seemed to commemorate his memory, but to tarnish his image for the rest of eternity. The headline that caught my attention “Alcohol factors into fatal crash”. Of course it did, but what about the other factors, are they any less important in what caused the crash that fatal night?

Just the simple mention of alcohol suddenly causes an outcry from MADD, even though Campbell was a mere .05 over a legal limit that is set extremely low to begin with. I in no way agree with individuals driving drunk, but on the same token I know that everyone functions at their own level. Two drinks would put a 130 pound female over the legal limit, but that does not necessarily mean that person would be unable to safely get from point A to point B. Every person has a different reaction to alcohol. Just because alcohol was involved does not mean the accident would not been prevented without it’s presence. Fatigue, excessive speed, unfastened seatbelts, and other factors also caused the accident. Some may say the excessive speed was because of impaired judgment, but as many like myself know, when you are driving home at 4 a.m. you tend to go a little bit faster than you probably should.

The focus the media is putting on the alcohol content is absurd. It is not fair to tarnish a young man’s memory when so many other factors were in place. Chris Campbell was a good student, son, fianc