Fiery Females ROAR in Miami

Le Tigre aren’t real tigers, but they can certainly roar. When three fierce women get on stage carrying only their instruments, their anger, their pride of being women, and their political and social messages, the chaos is inevitable.

Fronted by former Bikini Kill singer and feminist icon Kathleen Hanna, Le Tigre lead the new wave of riot grrrls making a statement by using punk rock as an activist outlet.

Founded in 1999 by Hanna, international filmmaker Sadie Benning (currently taking time away and being replaced by J.D. Samson), and ‘zine creator Johanna Fateman, Le Tigre celebrate the joys of being a woman, and at the same time, express the discontents and pains of a sexist and ignorant society and an unjust political system. Their songs are loaded with synthesized beats, grungy guitars, and furious riffs that vary completely from one to the next.

Le Tigre has recorded two full albums under the Mr. Lady label; their self-titled debut released in 1999, and the recent Feminine Sweepstakes in 2001, along with an EP titled From the Desk of Mr. Lady in 2001.

Miami will play host to the feminine revolt this Sunday when the Polish American Club welcomes the fury of New York City-based Le Tigre, joined by acts The Butchies and V for Vendetta.

The North Carolina trio The Butchies, comprised of singer and guitarist Kaia Wilson, drummer Melissa York, and bassist Alison Martlew, proudly call their style “queercore.”

Signed to Mr. Lady label, The Butchies have three albums to their credit: Are We Not Femme? in 1998, Population 1975 in 1999, and the recently released Three. Their music slightly resembles that of Le Tigre, but with a more cathartic feel.

Rhode Island natives V for Vendetta will also be performing on Sunday night. Their songs deal with the themes of feminism, their hometown, analytic philosophy, and alternate between poignant sounding guitars and dual vocals to full progressive rock epics.

No event could prove more empowering, not only to women, but simply to indie rock music fans, than listening to three groups of intelligent, striking females banging their instruments and letting out meaningful rants directed for the mind, the heart and, ultimately the world.