Poulain:Miami’s beautiful secret

The first minutes that Isaac Lekach set foot on stage at Revolver, he looked like just another member of the audience: the mop top hair, the discontent look in his face. But as soon as he grabbed his acoustic guitar, he was above everyone else. He took his pain, his feelings and turned them into lovely songs of loss, love and sadness; and became Poulain, the musician, artist and poet.

Opening for Desaparecidos is not an easy task- especially for a relatively still unknown artist and balladeer, considering that most people in the audience came with the sole purpose of witnessing the raw energy they discharge at shows. Yet Poulain managed to silence the room with the first strokes of his guitar and the first words his almost angelic voice uttered.

Song after song, the crowd stared in awe, while he released his innermost passions staring down and occasionally glancing over the people in front of him. Every time he ended a song, he shyly smiled as the audience cheered and clapped.

Taking the last name from the title character in Am