Accident victim found inebriated

The student who found Maria Paola Ramirez lying on the floor after falling from a staircase is shedding new light on the accident.

Amber Lee Condray, freshman, was about to go to bed early Thursday morning when she heard a knock on her door.

“The girl who lives directly below me was banging on my door,” Condray said.

“She said she heard a girl screaming ‘God, help me!'”

Condray, a third floor Mahoney resident, opened the door and heard screams coming from a female.

She and the other girl, a second floor Mahoney resident, ran downstairs, rushing past the nighttime security guard.

“I forgot my ‘Cane Card upstairs and explained to him that someone was hurt and we were going to help her,” Condray said.

The security guard called for help, while Condray and the other resident rushed out and found Ramirez.

“She was lying face down, flailing her arms about,” Condray said. “She said she had fallen and couldn’t move her legs.”

Condray poked Ramirez’s legs, but Ramirez said she felt nothing.

Condray noted alcohol on Ramirez’s breath.

“I asked her if she was on anything and she said she wasn’t, but that she was just drunk,” Condray said.

Condray remained with Ramirez until paramedics arrived, she said.

According to Condray, Ramirez’s roommate, who chose not to comment, said that Ramirez got stuck on the second floor fire escape and climbed up to the third floor ledge , hoping to get down and regain entry into the building.

As of now, Ramirez remains at Jackson Memorial Hospital in good condition.

Condray wanted to visit Ramirez in the hospital, but Ramirez’s roommate, who had already been for a visit, said it was not a good sight.

“She said that Maria couldn’t move and that she had wires everywhere,” Condray said.