Young, restless & gifted

Vagrant Records could possibly have in its hand the future of rock music. The independent label has added, for the past couple of years, young and promising artists to its roster. Some of these include: Saves the Day, The Get Up Kids, Alkaline Trio, and Dashboard Confessional. One of the latest to join, a group of Kansas City kids called The Anniversary, have earned a name for themselves all over America.
Their unique style of music is often considered by many as a mix of “emo,” “synth-pop” and “indie rock,” but they could simply be described with one word: clever.
In October of 1997, an anniversary plate in singer/keyboardist Adrienne Pope’s living room gave birth to the final lineup of The Anniversary. Formerly known as The Broadcast, the band was formed by three friends Josh, Justin, and Pope in 1996, and went through several drummers and bassists, until finally settling for James David at the bass, and Christian Jankowski on the drums.
Not willing to put aside their education, Pope and Justin moved with the rest of the band to Lawrence, Kan. so they could study at Kansas University. And that is exactly what they all look like: College undergrads who happen to be united by their passion for music- the same music that has changed their lives, from being local loadies to having their own cult following.
The Anniversary has a distinctiveness to its sound that makes them extraordinary. Instead of the usual single or dual vocals, they have three voices that perfectly complement each other and deliver beautiful, almost artsy songs. Their debut album Designing a Nervous Breakdown, released in January of 2000, surprised critics and fans with tracks that jumped from gentle strums to powerful riffs. They toured endlessly supporting the album, until saving enough songs for a new album.
On Jan. 20, the band released their sophomore effort, Your Majesty, which provides more of the same quality sounds. Crooked Crown, Sweet Marie, and Following the Sun lead the collection of tracks that are smart and complex, yet melodic and catchy.
Not bad for a group of friends that started performing for its love of music, and is still embarking in its journey towards success.