To valentine or not? Part 1

This Valentine’s Day, I declare be with the one you love. It could be your current squeeze, long-term sweetheart, significant other, or a one-night stand. Enjoy each other’s company while you can still stand the sight of them. Gaze deep into their eyes while dining at a chic restaurant. Maybe while at a movie, lean over and sneak some sugar on the DL.
If you have a crush, send them a bouquet of red roses or that infamously cliched box of chocolates. Just no stalking, for it doesn’t convey romance very well. Thinking of popping the question to that lucky person? Well, hell, I don’t know of any better time to do it then this.
Gentlemen, this is the time to be chivalrous if you’ve been lazy. Quit cheating if you’ve been straying lately-if not completely-for this one special day. Open the car door for your dates when necessary and pull out the chair. Ladies, express your commitment and gratitude to your man, sugar daddy, pimp, baby-father or whoever by smiling and whispering sweet nothings. Keep your mates in check and make them treat you right. All that lovey dovey stuff.
The day may be ridiculous, a so-called “commercial conspiracy,” or just a bunch of B.S. in your eyes, but who cares! Enjoy the occasion while it still exists. Besides, it’s the only day of the year where public displays of affection are tolerable. While it sounds stupid, it’s reason enough to celebrate your relationships, no matter what they are. If Cupid hasn’t struck you recently, then be with your friends or family, or both. You shouldn’t need an excuse to do this, but if you’ve been negligible lately, then make up for it now.
Yes, love will probably be in the air for many on the 14th, and those full of bitterness and hatred will no doubt want to suffocate these people, but try to be thankful. Remember, it’s back to that terribly unromantic, hustle-bustle concrete jungle the day after.
Shouldn’t you at least take advantage of this designated day of romance when you can? Take the time to say thank you to somebody for being there. Or even that sacred, coveted of all romantic sayings: I love you.
Derek Bramble is a junior majoring in broadcast journalism and theater.