Enrollment to increase as a result of championship?

With the recent Diamond Anniversary, Presidential Inauguration, and an increasingly competitive student body, can the University of Miami hope to reach a new plateau in applications and enrollment, as a result of the freshly gained Rose Bowl National Football Championship?
“I don’t think it is going to impact it,” asserted Vice Provost and Dean of Enrollments, Paul Orehovec.
“Winning a National Championship is great for name-recognition-a great value added to the University. Everyone likes to be associated with a winner. And it’s terrific press with respect to the character of the student athletes.”
But Orehovec emphasized his dedication to the academic core of the University, which he believes is the major attraction here in Coral Gables:
“None of our top 5 or 6 years [with respect to enrollment] was a National Championship year. The University’s just hot!” Orehovec said.
Dean Orehovec lauded the academic virtues of the UM. He expressed his deep esteem for the school’s escalating scholastic accomplishments and standards.
“Last year, more than half of our enrolled students were in the top ten percent of their high school classes, and it’s getting higher. That’s exactly who we’re marketing to,” said Orehovec. “The last few years, we’ve been on a roll.”
“Top scholars don’t only look at a competitive sports program for encouragement when applying. They compare the combination of qualities like academics, community, student life, athletics, and more,” stressed Orehovec.
Orehovec sees the National Championship as a “rallying point,”-just like the additions of the Wellness Center and the upcoming Ryder Center-“which will help build a stronger sense of community at the University, another reason to come together.”
Orehovec also noted that, as a consequence of surprisingly high enrollment last year which also caused problems with housing. It is possible that the University may reduce acceptance levels to readjust student body size in the coming semesters.