COSO Challenges students

While the University of Miami has set a goal of $1 million for this year’s philanthropic contribution to the American Red Cross of Greater Miami and the Keys, many student organizations have taken the initiative to try to meet and beat this target amount.
COSO, the Committee on Student Organizations, launched the first COSO Challenge last October. Created as a competition between all the student organizations on campus to see which could raise the highest amount of money to give the most back to the community, the COSO Challenge made a promising start.
“The winner of this year’s COSO Challenge gets the privilege of selecting a charity to be the beneficiary of next year’s COSO Challenge,” said Andy Hooper, COSO Ombudsperson.
In addition, the highest contributing student organization of each month will receive a prize of $40 from SAFAC, the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee, given with the intention of being used toward a pizza party, or similar celebration. SAFAC has also agreed to match the amount raised by the largest contributing organization, up to $1000.
The goal for the Challenge is $5000, though to date, only about $1000 has been raised. Hooper informed the Miami Hurricane of the waning support for the challenge in the past couple months.
Competition was hard-fought between the different clubs at the Challenge’s inception in October, Hooper said. November met with similar results, the Graduate Student Association having contributed the highest amount during both initial months.
But the competitions during the months of December and January have sadly shown a marked loss of interest by contributing student organizations, according to Hooper.
Even so, there will more than likely be another COSO Challenge next year, and hopefully many more to come in subsequent years, organizers said.
The final date to be eligible for the COSO Challenge is fast approaching. For those interested in getting involved, collection cups,may be picked up in the Student Activities Office during office hours. Collection cups may be turned in at any time, with no limit to frequency.
Although the money will be donated sometime in mid-March, COSO has set its deadline for the challenge at Jan. 31st.