Storm Surge

The Cyber Cafe is now officially the StormSurge Cafe, after the naming and ribbon-cutting ceremony that took place Wednesday.
The winning name, submitted by sophomore Leigha Taber, was decided upon by representatives from Student Government, Chartwells, and the student body.
“I wanted to come up with a name that was related to the ‘Canes,” said Taber.
“I figured that since the convenience store is officially called Category 5 and Sbarro used to be the Eye of the Storm that the name StormSurge fit in with the Hurricane theme of the UC,” Taber said.
According to Steve Priepke, Chief of Staff of Student Government and organizer of the contest, there were 250 entries submitted in the two weeks the contest was held.
“My mom cried when I won because she was so relieved that I’d be able to buy my books,” said Taber. “This past year has been very difficult financially and I thank student government for giving the student body this generous opportunity”.
Other names submitted by participants included ‘Cane Cafe, Hurricane Hiatus, and Coffee and Cue Sticks.
“In the end, it really came down to us wanting to move away from the name Cyber Cafe,” said Priepke. “The name StormSurge is powerful and exciting; an idea we really wanted to convey.”
“The name really encompasses the idea of the surge of plugging in a computer, while at the same time emphasizing the theme of the university,” said Mel Tenen, Director of Auxiliary Services for UM.
Richard Walker, Director of University Center and Student Life, VP of Student Affairs, Patricia Whitely, and President Donna E. Shalala spoke at the event.
“This is just another step toward making this campus the coolest campus in the land,” said President Shalala. “Part of our effort to follow up on our Rose Bowl victory is to dedicate this wonderful place to our students”.
Current menu items from the StormSurge CafE were provided for the formally invited guests.
Also, a live jazz trio played in the background throughout the entire occasion and orange, green, and white balloons were used to decorate the area.
“I’m thrilled that this area has finally become an attractive place for students to gather, relax, watch TV and play games,” said Marilyn Rolfs, Staff Associate for the University Center.
“I remember when this place used to smell like a locker room,” said Tony Wallenbrook. “It really has come a long way from what it used to be”.
The improved UC area is a result of collaborations between the University Center Student Services Division of Student Affairs, Chartwells, the University Credit Union, and UM Auxiliary Services.
“The partnership between departments has yielded the revitalization of a key central part of the University, which was previously in poor condition,” said Tenen. “Our efforts would have not been successful had we not all worked together to combine our various resources.”
Some are already making more suggestions for the new area.
“I think it’s very strange to have all these pool tables without a drop of liquor,” said Sarah Faulkner, a foreign exchange student from England.
“If there were alcohol, we could have had ourselves a little cocktail party to celebrate the new opening.”