Involvement Fair sparks interest

This semester’ Spring Involvement Fair last Thursday took place under an unseasonably hot sun and attracted a large number of inquiring students despite the fact that it was not heavily promoted.

In fact, except for the students in charge of running their clubs’ booths, few students knew that the fair was taking place, and even less planned on attending the event. However, although not well publicized around campus, the Hip-Hop Club was more than willing to inform any passers-by that something big was going on.

Student DJs, Chaos, Dick Dickerson, and DJ Nebulous made musical contributions on the turntables. Their heart-pounding sounds could be heard from the far side of campus. In between musical sets, club founder, Lenny “White Russian” Kagan, took control of the microphone, free-styling and promoting the club’s independently produced CD.

“Despite a few minor problems, the fair went very well,” said Leslie Brown, coordinator of the event.

Brown spearheaded the fair for the Committee on Student Organizations (COSO), and has been organizing “pretty much since last semester’s involvement fair.”

“My biggest challenge was making sure everyone showed up,” Brown said. “The only real complaint by any of the present clubs regarded the absence of what they thought was enough campus-wide promotion.”

Only a few of the student organizations failed to show up, but everyone who did had a good time, feasting on free popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy, and pizza.

The Big Cheese, a sponsor of the event, was savvy enough to donate hundreds of slices of its pizza to ensure that everyone was well fed, while promoting the fun.

Once the music and the promise of free food drew students to the patio, the clubs were now under the gun to do their parts in attracting potential members to their tables, and to their causes.

Groups such as Bacchus, Golden Key, the Equestrian Club, ROTC, and the Hillel Student Organization offered everything from condoms to smoothies.

New single-focused (specialized) clubs, such as the Paraguay Student Association (PSA), had their first opportunity at the fair to present themselves.

The PSA is one of a handful of new clubs, looking for students to get involved in university life this semester.

Club leaders reported excellent recruitment numbers and expressed excitement in a promising semester ahead.

With the exception of a few minor glitches, the Spring Involvement Fair was a huge success.