Alumnus philanthropist honored

The rededication of the newly renovated Intramural field last Thursday was organized to honor UM alumni Dr. Michael Yaron for his gracious contribution of $1.5M to the University of Miami.
“It was my way of saying thank you,” said Dr. Yaron.
Yaron said the university and the Coral Gables community took him in as a poor Israeli immigrant and he reiterated his gratitude in his speech saying:
“UM was to me the ultimate university before I joined and it still is to this day.”
The event was attended by various UM groups, Mayor Sleiznick of Coral Gables, the UM vice presidents, former UM President Foote, Sebastian the Ibis and President Shalala along with Yaron and his family.
Students and other interested guests witnessed the groundbreaking on the new fieldhouse, which will house an equipment checkout window and bathrooms to the over forty thousand students expected to use the field every semester.
Yaron graduated from UM in 1971 and now lives with his wife and children in Pennsylvania. He met with the UM rugby team in which he has a special interest as he played rugby while studying for his PhD at Oxford.
“I asked [the team] their opinion on the new field and one member said it best-simply ‘its better’,” Coach Williams said. “It’s a great thing he’s done for the school and the students appreciate it.”
Later on after the groundbreaking the rugby team gave both Dr. Yaron and President Shalala UM rugby shirts as a token of their appreciation.
“Thanks to Dr. Yaron this dream has been achieved today,” said Wellness Center director and UM alumni Norm Parsons.
“I am always asked what is my encore as president after in less than a year on the job. UM has won national championships in both football and baseball,” President Shalala said. Pointing at the field she went on to say, “This is the encore.”