Congratulations from a proud ‘Cane

I was nervous on Jan. 3. I wasn’t one of the many doubters; I knew if our football team came to play they could beat anyone. I just wasn’t sure if they could handle the pressure of a big game like this after a relatively easy season. Imagine my relief when the game began to look like one of my high school football games, only this time I was rooting for the winning team.
Now, as we head into the second semester, we come back as national champions. We did what Florida State University could not do last year, and what the Gators only wished they could have done this year. Not only is our team clearly the best in college sports, they are the best team I have ever had the pleasure of watching. It has certainly been a marvelous climb from the troubles and sanctions of a few years ago. Now UM football is back where it belongs.
I have immensely enjoyed watching the games in the Orange Bowl, where the Hurricanes truly lived up to their name and reputation. I loved watching us beat FSU two years in a row (last year’s home game was the best sporting event I have ever witnessed), and then thrashing Washington. If that didn’t shut the critics up, I bet the Nebraska game will. It has been a pleasure to stand behind this team, especially because many of my friends are Gators or Seminoles. Just think of the bragging rights I now have! It has been an even bigger pleasure to walk around campus and overhear Ed Reed talking about the game clinching interception at Boston College or to walk to class under the shade of a tree only to realize that it is actually Bryant Mc Kinnie- and that he is so tall, I can head butt him in the back of the knee.
Coach Larry Coker has done an outstanding job after the surprising departure of Butch Davis. The whole team has just been amazing. And so I would like to congratulate them; not only for winning, but also for the way they won. It must feel good to be part of the best team in the whole nation. It certainly feels good to be a fan.
Travis Atria is a sophomore majoring in English literature.