Surviving Final Exams

So, you’ve survived the entire semester. You’ve been able stay afloat despite all the distractions that Miami and the surrounding areas have to offer. Now, with winter break just within your grasp, there stands only one last test of your endurance– final exams.

Sure, we’ve all had to suffer through these before one way or another, but in case this is your first time taking a college exam or if you’ve forgotten just what it takes to prepare yourself to get through this one last barricade, here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

First, and obviously, its important to take a look at which exams you have and when you have them. Take a look at which subject you need the most time to prepare for and which exam you need to get the best grade on. From here, start allotting the appropriate amounts of time for each exam. Also, look at any multiple-day long gaps between your exams-these are good times to take a break, relax and recoup before your next one.

It’s also important to eat and drink appropriately to perform well on your finals. Caffeine is a good tool to stay up late and pack in the extra hours. However, too much of anything is bad for you, so don’t over do it. Also, make sure to have whatever was in your system when you were studying in your system when taking an exam. For example: if you were charged up on caffeine while reading, have a good cup of coffee before the test.

You need your body to run like a well-oiled machine, give it what it wants. Energy inducing foods, such as carbohydrates, are a smart thing to have the night before an exam.

Make sure to also bring the necessary materials to the exam as well. Bring enough pens and pencils with you, or if the professor hands out pencils, try and grab as many as possible; that way you’ll have enough for the rest of your exams.

When studying, don’t try to pack in all the information at once. You can remember and learn more by studying the material in chunks. Study for a while, then take a quick break and pick up where you left off. The human brain can remember more this way. Another effective way to study is to study with a friend. This way, in case you missed a class or didn’t get all the notes you’ve got yourself covered.

Finally, just remember to get a good night’s rest the night before your exams and you should have no problem at all.