What a tangle web we’ve weaved over the internet. Foolish mortals and wannabe immortals alike have logged on and surfed the Net so many times by now that not even a decade since the Internet became a common feature in a majority of American households, every fabulous freak of nature, obsessed fan, clandestine cult, and person with too much time on their hands can call a place of their own home on the world wide web.
Here are a few of the most bizarre and interesting sites the Internet has to offer for those caught in a perpetual state of ennui. So click, copy, paste, and link up your buddies to some of the kitschiest sites around:

Krazy Kitties
If the ominous background music, fierce fangs, and hypnotic strobe-light eyes don’t scare you – nothing will!

Dear Diary
Post your personal memoirs on the web, for all or none to see, using an easy-to-understand setup. The sites’ raging popularity goes beyond high school friends checking up on each other; these insightful diaries can become addictive. Check out Uncle Bob and his army of online diary friends at Diaryland.

Down With Times New Roman!
Spice up your school projects, personal website and e-mail with a vast world of different fonts. This site has retro fonts and Hollywood-inspired fonts. And forget the alphabet – the site includes fonts where each key is a different cartoon.

Rubber Chickens For All!
Hailing from the epicenter of what’s going to be cool next, Archie McPhee’s site lets you check out the kookiest, coolest toys and gadgets from their store in Seattle. The site allows you to sign up for a free fun catalog filled with rubber devil ducks and goldfish shower curtains.

Clueless Chatter
“Uh, AS IF!”
“Wow! You guys talk like grown ups.”
Maybe they didn’t talk exactly like grown-ups, but you can sure try to by borrowing some of the pretentious vocabulary used “sporadically” by Alicia Silverstone and crew in “Clueless” by perusing this site. Compiled by a Silverstone-afficionado, the site features the entire script of the now-classic 1995 Amy Heckerling movie accompanied by some endearing still-frames from the film.