Diaz gives State of the Union

Student Body President Jose Pepe Diaz gave his State of the Union address at the Senate meeting held on Wednesday.

Diaz’s speech was short and to the point.

He began his speech by saying how proud he was “the student government is as vibrant as ever.”

Diaz was also proud to announce he turned in the application for the student government of the year for the state of Florida.

Diaz’s speech highlighted the achievements of the student government.

He emphasized the diversity of the executive board and said, “We wanted to capitalize on our diversity.”

He highlighted the improvement of the increased offering of Hispanic foods in the food court and in the cafeterias as well as in the new cyber cafE.

Hispanic foods like Cuban sandwiches and “pastelitos” or pastries can now be bought in the food court or cyber cafE.

He continued to highlight the improvements of the cafeterias mentioning how “kosher food in the dining hall has also been increased.”

“Jewish students are able to use their dining dollars in Hillel during the holidays,” added Diaz.

Diaz also made references to the success of the Ibis Ride program that shuttles students to the Grove. Diaz also mentins the successes of the Supreme Court, Category Five, and the Senate.

He continued his speech by mentioning the inauguration of President Shalala and entering a new era. Diaz also highlighted reaching our 75th anniversary, the national championship of the baseball team and the soon to be national championship in football.

“This most prestigious year has us as one of the main contenders for the Student Government of the Year in Florida, something that I think we have truely earned,” said Diaz.

Diaz ended his speech by referring the bill supporting the UNICO workers and the living wage issue.

“That is student government, that is the voice that the students want, that is why we are here,” concluded Diaz.