Letters to the Editor

This may be overkill, but I must add my two cents in response to the letter to the editor by Mr. Derek Bramble that was published on Nov. 2.

When I first read the letter I did not feel it necessary to counter, as I did not believe anyone would take such a derogatory letter seriously and, for that matter, did not know the university paper had such a strong readership. Now my opinion has changed and I would like reply to the letter. I, like others, took offense to the statement that the players are here on a “free ride” and the insinuation that they are of inferior intelligence.

Now I would like to ask Derek how he is paying for his education here while he is “trying to get his degree.” I would hazard a guess that Mommy and Daddy have bankrolled his education while football players work their hearts out to pay for an education. The statistics do not lie. More than 95 percent of the players will go on to a non-football related future, with a degree they worked for and discipline they learned playing a “game.” Derek, think you could do two practices a day and still graduate with honors? A football player did. How about play ball and still go through the MBA program here? I have two players in my graduate level economics class. These guys help put this school on the map, so when you do tell your friends that you go to University of Miami, they don’t ask, “Where?”

Instead of illustrating your ignorance and dissatisfaction with life stemming from you not receiving enough attention from Mommy, Daddy, girls or whomever, why don’t you show some school spirit, watch a game and see what you are missing. Be thankful for these guys for helping fund your great school with the millions of dollars of revenue they generate every year.

Adam Greenberg