Cory Cain talks about culture

UM graduate student, Cory Cain entered the Mr. UM Pageant two weeks ago representing the Council of International Students Organization [COISO]. Cain, 24, won over the judges and the crowd with his impressive James Brown impersonation. He is working towards his MBA in marketing, finance and e-commerce.

What swayed the Mr. UM judges in your favor?

Well, the crowd really went crazy during the James Brown impression. I had an asthma attack during the dance and I must say it helped. Because the song was saying how the guy couldn’t breathe without the girl he was desperate for, and I couldn’t breathe at the time! They said the suit I wore afterwards helped also.

What are your responsibilities as Mr. UM?

Officially? None. But for me, I am an ambassador for the school. I came to UM as an undergraduate because of the diversity and I want to represent that.

What groups are you involved with?

I’m the secretary of COISO and a member of the Indian Students Association, the African Students Union, the Dancing Ibis and the Organization for Jamaican Unity.

Why are you so interested in culture?

My mom says it is because I was born on international waters! I was born early on a cruise ship. If culture could be a major I would do it. I think I’ve actually done a pretty good job of making it one for myself with all the clubs I’m involved with. I was involved in a lot more when I was an undergrad.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

Open up a school. I want it to focus on everything. If you’re interested in performing arts, that’s what you focus on. If you’re interested in science, that’s what you focus on. I want it to go from elementary to high school and teach about what it means to live together in the world. I had to find out about culture on my own. I want this school to teach about everything, not just black or white or Hispanic or anything.

At first I would want to be the director. But once the foundation is set, I’d want to teach.

I want it to be open to everyone-minority, non-minority. I don’t want finances to be a problem. It will be non-profit school. I’m not getting my MBA for the BMW. I want to get all the finances out of the way for my school.

My favorite car is a Jetta. My goal is to get a Jetta, the nice Jetta with a nice CD player.

How else do you want to use your position to help UM students?

I just want people to get involved. Start saying hi to people. Go to events, anyone’s events. That’s how you learn about culture and how to live in this world.