Greeks and the ‘Hurricane’

The final disciplinary action against members of Alpha Epsilon Pi for the theft of the Oct. 5 editions of the Hurricane should not be seen as an indictment of the university Greek system.

The theft was clearly the misguided action of certain individuals. These people sought to deny us of our right to publish and distribute the paper and your right to read it.

Any reasonable person would agree their actions were deplorable.

However, there are some who have sought to cloud the issue of the theft by attempting to drive a wedge between the Greek community and this newspaper. Regrettably, we suspect those people are guided by their egos rather than a desire to help lead our university community.

That is clearly unacceptable to us.

We believe that the vast majority of those in UM fraternities and sororities strongly support our efforts to bring you the news. And we strongly support their efforts to improve our community.