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Looking for a free foreign film to watch? Want to learn about the latest fitness trends? The Miami Hurricane has got you covered. With a handful of blogs on a variety of topics, be sure to stop by on the reg for a new post published each day of the week.



Focus on Fitness by Kristen Spillane

About: Focus on Fitness is a blog about discovering the plethora of physical activities and outdoor opportunities of the South Florida community and beyond.  Can’t sit still and looking for a refreshing way to use that positive energy? Keep up with Focus on Fitness … if you can.

Author: Kristen Spillane is a senior journalism and Spanish double major hailing from Boston, Mass. She’s out to make the most of all Miami has to offer and can’t resist a good adrenaline rush or the feeling of being completely and utterly spent after a workout. Blogging for her fellow Canes that are always on the go.


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logos-01Free Foreign Film Friday by Luisa Andonie

About: Whether you’re a self-declared cineaste or a subtitles avoider, it never hurts to travel abroad in the land of foreign films. Who knows, it might even boost that grade in French class or make you sound intellectual on your next date. Spend less time looking and more time watching. This blog will guide you through the ratings of virtual streaming in the form of Netflix instant watch or Amazon Prime instant free movies as well as through the shelves of our own Richter library DVD collection and schedule of Cosford Cinema offerings.

Author: Luisa Andonie is a sophomore majoring in marketing and minoring in modern languages. She collects scarves from museum gift shops, has a soft spot for fine stationary and absolutely must watch movies until the last credit scrolls.


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logos-07Quinlan vs the World by Patrick Quinlan

About: One student’s take on the politics, policies, and economics of the world around him.

Author: Patrick Quinlan was born and raised in South Florida, and despite it all, manages to enjoy politics. He also enjoys the ocean and ocean-related things, WVUM’s oasis of good music, and a hearty round of Jeopardy! He is a sophomore studying International Studies, Political Science, and Economics. @KidFromTheBeach .



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