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Twenty students have been chosen to live in a newly renovated, environmentally-friendly floor in Eaton. Designed by the UM College of Engineering and funded by the National Science Foundation, “The Water Project,” lead by the group living on the floor, will use technology to reduce energy and water demand and promote sustainable development.


Drumbeats and ukulele solos echo through the halls of Eaton’s second floor, home of the Audio Abode. Junior Sharif Ahmed, president of the floor, got 18 students together to create the Abode, a kind of special interest housing, last year.

Letters to the Editor

It must be stated that contrary to this claim, SIH provides ample opportunities to experience different viewpoints. Living on a CASTLE floor, for example, are students of diverse ethnicities and political views, connected only by the goal of living a substance-tempered, community-driven lifestyle