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When it comes to sports at UM, many students follow them religiously to the point that they see themselves in place of the athletes making the big play, leaving with the win and being celebrated as the hero. What students may not know is that they actually have the opportunity to fill this role at UM.


Unfortunately for Ryan and 34 other members of the lacrosse club, their season may be cut short partly because the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC) has run out of money for the rest of the semester. The team was counting on SAFAC, which funds student organizations, to help out with its budget of $13,000. The money goes to travel, lodging, equipment, uniforms, referees and the league entry fee.


Once upon a time, at a University of Miami without sportsfest there was an annual competition called “Budweiser Super Sports” where students could compete in sports and athletic events for gifts and prizes, among them free beer at the Rat. Student organizations and individuals would register teams and according to old yearbooks the event was fairly popular.