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The wait is finally over. After nearly a year of construction, UM students, faculty and alumni will get their first look at the Wellness Center’s newly expanded fitness center this afternoon.


The purpose of this program is to help students understand their own level of fitness and what they need to do to improve it in a healthy way. Norm Parsons, the director at the Wellness Center, highly recommends the program to any student looking to improve their lifestyle.


Dining Services has partnered with the Allan and Patti Herbert Wellness Center to provide on-campus diners with affordable value meals with a twist.


Once upon a time, at a University of Miami without sportsfest there was an annual competition called “Budweiser Super Sports” where students could compete in sports and athletic events for gifts and prizes, among them free beer at the Rat. Student organizations and individuals would register teams and according to old yearbooks the event was fairly popular.

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