Author Niloufar Abae


It seems like only a few months ago when my parents and I were lugging all my belongings through the crowded Stanford/Hecht parking lot. It was move-in day, and as I looked around, all the other students looked exactly like I felt: scared, excited, anxious, and above all, happy to finally be in college. I couldn’t believe it was finally here, the moment that I had dreamed about all my life. I was in college, and that meant freedom, knowledge, new friends, and so much more.


As the clock ticks away, you are desperately trying to soak up as much information in as little time before your test the next day. You grow more and more tired, but decide against sleep. The anxiety increases as you run out of time and energy, but you tell yourself you must keep going. For many freshmen, all-nighters are a regular part of study habits, but do they necessarily have to be?


This week, SG elections will be held in the UC Breezeway, Monday through Wednesday. Students will be able to vote for who they think will best represent their class, residential house, and school, for SG’s 27 open senate seats.