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Donald Trump’s election stirs protest at University of Miami

Marcus Lim // Assistant News Editor

Students protest at the University of Miami on Friday, days after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become president-elect. Marcus Lim // Assistant News Editor

After a contentious election cycle, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump became president-elect after defeating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The results of the election, however, have stirred people who were against Trump to protest at the University of Miami on Friday.

Marcus Lim // Assistant News Editor

Students protest at the University of Miami on Friday, days after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become president-elect. Marcus Lim // Assistant News Editor

November 11, 2016


The Miami Hurricane

25 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Donald Trump’s election stirs protest at University of Miami”

  1. Ari C. says:

    Ok, there are a couple of things wrong with the exchange taking place here.

    1. Just because people are protesting Trump doesn’t mean that they absolve Hillary Clinton of corruption and her role in systemic racism. This isn’t about ‘sore losing’; many of us weren’t fans of Hillary whatsoever.

    2. Hillary’s brand of racism is a very different story from a man whose campaign strategy was to galvanize support by playing on white rage against people of color. Trump established himself as the anti-establishment candidate by using psychological tools that made immigrants, muslims, and people of color scapegoats. There are marked similarities between his strategy and that of Hitler–the use of economic hardship in conjunction nationalist pride, victimization, and fear to ‘other’ certain populations. There are academic articles that explain this that I’d be more than willing to post.

    3. Stop with this narrative that puts the onus on minorities to reach across the isle and facilitate understanding. If you are so invested in the idea of meaningful exchange and active listening, why not create a space or start a conversation that allows that to take place? Many people, white people in particular, are privileged enough to live in a bubble that others don’t have the ability to create. The first step in showing good faith and your commitment to real conversation is to leave that bubble. For example, instead of saying things like “safe spaces are for children,” why not seek out people (note that ‘people’ is PLURAL, as in actually getting a good sample size and not just consulting your token friend in a largely homogeneous group) belonging to a marginalized community and actually have a conversation with them about why they feel they need a safe space and what it means to them?

  2. nogroupthink says:

    Hillary Clinton’s mentor ROBERT BYRD–member of the KKK–was a senator that filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964. So I guess Trump isn’t the only racist. Also search for yourselves and search her connection to renowned pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

  3. Steve says:

    Wow! After reading Antonio’s comments, I am even less convinced and more confused.

  4. John Brother says:

    Kids, kids, kids! I have indeed failed you for your lack of critical thinking! You only see the veil, and not what is behind it. You only see the symptom – and have ignored the cause. Haven’t you figured it out yet? The Australian One. The Australian One. You emote, you wring, you impale yourself with regret – when you should have seen it all along. Two decades. You ignored it with bliss and annoyance. Repetition, persistence, patience. Repetition, persistence, patience. The weak mind never knows and the strong mind ignores. They are both weak indeed, and they deserve their just rewards. The water drips, the mountain crumbles. Adages from the ancients – they still hold true. The Australian One. The Australian One. Obvious power is no power at all. Hidden power is the all. Power behind the power is the all. And the key to that Power is to muddle the mind with emotion. Truth is not needed. Lies are not needed. Innuendo is King. Repetition, persistence, patience. How much more do you need to know? You are all his pawns. The Australian One. The Australian Won.

  5. Anyone familiar with the Whitewater Scandal?
    Vince Foster died in 1993 and before the police arrived, Clinton staffers illegally removed boxes of documents on Travelgate, Whitewater etc. The Whitewater Development Corporation (real estate venture) was later investigated for fraud by Janet Reno. Billing Records were “lost” presumed stolen from Vince Foster’s office the night he died. 19 months later following the Clinton’s acquittal many of the missing records reappeared in the Clinton’s residence. They were covered with Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints and she fell under suspicion of obstruction of justice. The Whitewater investigation cost taxpayers 145 million dollars

    Susan McDougal refused to testify against the Clintons and went to prison for refusing and pardoned by President Clinton. 15 Clinton friends and associates were convicted of 40 federal crimes related to Whitewater.

    The New York Times called Hillary Clinton a “congenital liar”

    The Chinese government and military funneled millions into Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign, the Clinton legal defense fund and the DNC…

  6. Antonio Mercurius says:

    I can provide you with facts that don’t come from the media. You still don’t understand. Like I said earlier, if you actually want real information to educate yourself please reach out to me.

  7. Silent Majority says:

    Questions 1:There you go again…making false assumptions. When did I claim to be the voice of all minorities?
    Question 2: There you go again…misreading the quote. He was speaking of those illegally crossing the border. If you think that’s racist, what are your comments about Hillary calling black youth “super predators – no conscience, no empathy”
    Question 3: There you go again…getting offended by reasonable things. So you are saying a country should not have a means to secure its border?
    Question 4: There you go again…getting off the real points of discussion. I do not use my real name because of people like you who demonize those who disagree with them. The fact that you are waiting around past midnight to have a comment war shows you are truly misguided.

    To conclude, my case is closed and I have to get back to the real world, I urge you to use a voice of reason instead of following the media. I balance my media from both sides. I wish you well.

  8. Antonio M. says:

    Questions 1: who made you the voice of all minorities?

    Question 2: how does calling a group of people criminals, rapist, and drug dealers not sound racist to you?

    Question 3: how does building a wall to keep a group of people out not sound offensive?

    Question 4: what’s the point of not using your real name? Are you afraid of your incorrect viewpoints being attached with a name? Lol.

  9. Silent Majority says:

    I used to be pretty left of center, but I realized liberals were a sham. Basically when every single Republican running for president dating back to Bush, McCain, Romney, and now Trump gets called a racist, you know liberals have no substance. The liberal media shoves these terms of “racist”, “homophobic”, etc down everyone’s throats, so I really can’t blame those who fall for it. I just ask to use some reason before spewing nonsense. Also, I appreciate Obama’s service to this country for 8 years, but it was time for some change with President-Elect Trump.

    For the record too, I am considered a “minority” my liberals, but I consider myself an American first.

  10. Antonio M says:

    It’s not from huffington post hun, it wasn’t coined by white sociologist, Robin DiAngelo :-). She does plenty of research on topics like this. You should check her out!

  11. I am a Hispanic American–why I need to say this I don’t know, maybe to justify myself–but man, wouldn’t I love to hear that girl shriek Maya Angelou’s beautiful poem at me every morning as opposed to using my alarm clock? Oh boy. Also, I am white in complexion…to whoever was making comments about white fragility. I have friends who voted for both candidates and 3rd party candidates, and guess what, we are all getting along fine. So everyone, hold on to your undies and take deep breaths.

  12. Conservative Compatriot says:

    Antonio: You’re free to use your HuffingtonPost terms as much as you want, it does not make them any less racist. I feel if Fox News started saying “black fragility” you would be upset? I know I would be.

    Marxist Comrade:
    A. Are these the same KKK leaders who sent Hillary a $20,000.00 endorsement?
    B. Who is more homophobic in your opinion: Mike Pence, or the prince of Saudi Arabia, a country where gays are executed, who contributed $10million to Hillary’s campaign.
    C. Typical political elite, hardly an LGBTQ champion.
    D. Watch the video and decide for yourself. Her comments were used to justify mass incarceration, though.
    E. She is on tape laughing afterwards about the case and the failed polygraph test. Trump argued against Sean Hannity on national television over the Iraq War in the early 2000s.
    F. Trump won the electoral college and is now the President-elect ;)

    Lastly, if most Trump supporters are racists, homophobes, sexists, etc, how did he get 59 million votes? When you rule out everyone Trump “offended” (as Michael Moore did on the Megyn Kelly show in July) he came up with 19million people. How do you account for the extra 40 million?

    –Conservative Compatriot

  13. The Voice of Reason says:

    It’s really intellectual, to use your Parents, Grant and Student Loan monies, to whine at the democratic process, you were using as your Shield, two weeks ago.
    You don’t always get what you want, especially acting as spoiled children.

  14. Mayowa Olujohungbe says:

    Hillary is not God’s gift to man. Far from it. She definitely had her flaws. From what I know (and please correct me if I’m wrong), her platform was not based on damaging the reputation of the minority. Many minorities feel the pressure of more or less carrying the reputation of their race/sex/sexual orientation/religion, etc. on their back. They don’t have to be good, they have to be great. So Trump used people’s lack of exposure to these groups of people and their issues to promote division. One person does not speak for the behalf of an entire group of people. When the majority of any society behaves in a certain way, it does not do as much damage to their reputation and credibility as it would to those of minorities because they are the ones in power. They are the ones that people see all the time. This is not the same for minorities. So while yes, Hillary has done things that are corrupt and hypocritical, her platform was not fueled by the defaming of the reputations of people who do not have the same opportunities given to the majority.

  15. Antonio Mercurius says:

    Nowhere near backed into a corner, you’re exhibiting white fragility (yes it is possible to do so considering how invested you are into the white supremacist ideology that Trump promotes). But if you actually want to have intellectual and scholarly discussion on these topics more. Feel free to reach out, I’m always open to having these meaningful conversations.

  16. Marxist Comrade says:

    A. Deplorable is a good way to describe the leaders of the KKK who endorsed him
    B. Mike Pence supports gay therapy and both vow to appoint Justices who will ban gay marriage again
    C. She evolved on gay marriage like the rest of society but has always supported gay rights

    D. Was she using super predators to talk about blacks or criminals in general?
    E. She was a court appointed lawyer for a defendant and tried to get out of it. She had him plead guilty. Trump also was not against invading Iraq at the time and wants to put soldiers on the ground in that very country again to fight ISIS. And
    F. More voters voted for Hillary sooo

  17. Conservative Compatriot says:

    “Stop letting your little white fragility blind you”

    As an openly gay Hispanic American and I must say your comment is unbelievably insulting. It seems when you’re intellectually backed into a corner you respond by letting your true colors show. At least now everyone viewing this page will know that Antonio Mercurius is a racist.

    –Conservative Compatriot

  18. Antonio M says:

    Compatriot just use your name, how old are we?
    1. One gay Man cannot speak for an entire community.
    2. If you actually knew me, you would know I openly critiqued BOTH candidates and their rhetoric. But yes, majority of trump supporters were in fact racist. There’s is no lie there, stop letting your little white fragility blind you.

  19. Conservative Compatriot says:

    Hillary Clinton created divisions between the American people as political strategy–it did not work. How many times did she, along with the mainstream media, call Trump supporters racists and deplorables? You talk about him being homophobic but you ignore the standing applause Peter Thiel received at the RNC this year when he said he was openly gay. Also, you forgot to mention of Hillary’s track record supporting traditional marriage. You call Trump racist, but ignore her use of the words “super predators.” Hillary supports children, except when she needs to defend a child molester in court. Republicans are war-mongers, yet she voted to invade Iraq while Trump did not. Hillary is for women, despite doing nothing to actually help women and marrying a sex offender. Every conceivable advantage was given to Hillary this election, and she lost because the voters saw her arguments as hypocritical and her track record as corrupt.

    –Conservative Compatriot

  20. Mayowa Olujohungbe says:

    I believe that this article did no justice to the actual purpose of the protest. It neglected to talk about exactly WHY people were protesting. Yes Trump got elected, but why were people upset? Not everyone is a sore loser. People are upset because the person who got elected ran on a campaign that was fueled by creating division between groups and by okaying the maltreatment of other groups of people. So yes, they are protesting. Why aren’t you? It is important to note that they are protesting Trump’s platform of division which I assume is the reason amongst others why he got elected. And if you believe that he isn’t actually going to do the things he said he was going to do, then why would you vote for someone who blatantly tells lies. This article lacked context and I feel that it’s just adding fuel to the fire rather than putting people’s ideas out there. Also. I understand that this may have been done in haste in order to get the news out, but that should not be an excuse.

  21. Mantonio Bercurius says:


    Can you also please provide facts for why your candidate, whose entire campaign revolved around what you just said, failed?

  22. Antonio Mercurius says:

    Dear “conservative compatriot”

    I can provide research, facts, and statistical information on why Trump’s rhetoric is racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, and islamophobic.

    Antonio Mercurius

  23. To all of the progressives who actually want to change the world:

    Debate and open discussion between opposing viewpoints will do more to change the system than reading Maya Angelou. You have vilified any and all dissenting opinions as “racist, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic” etc. Until you can respond to political beliefs with fact, rather than ad hominem attacks, you will never truly get your point across. Lose with grace, learn from your mistakes and open a meaningful discussion. Do not dismiss someone else’s opinions before you try and understand them. If you do it in time, maybe in 2020 Trump won’t get re-elected.


    Your conservative compatriot

  24. gary fouse says:

    Pretty silly if you ask me. As the line goes, “It’s snowing in Miami” (The snowflakes are everywhere.)

    Grow up. Everything is going to be fine. We are a nation of laws and a constitution.

  25. Lena Dunham says:

    Intolerant, regressive and hypocritical. Can you imagine what would have happened if Hillary won and Trump supporters decided to protest?

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