Police Activity Across from Coral Gables Campus


Police activity around Capital Bank on South Dixie Highway (US1) has been cleared, according to an University of Miami Emergency Notification Network (ENN) message sent out Friday just after 1 p.m.

UM ENN sent out an initial alert Friday around 12:30 p.m. to report police activity at South Alhambra Circle and US1 and advise those in Gables 1 Tower, a university office building, to stay in place.

Traffic on US1 was at a standstill while police surrounded Capital Bank, and a helicopter could be seen hovering above the area. Coral Gables Police Department Public Information Officer Kelly Denham said the case was being handled by the FBI.

The FBI in Miami could not be reached for comment.


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  1. Around noon, we(UM students) received the emergency message and email from ENN. At first, the police just said if you are on campus, be alert; if you are off campus, avoid the S Alhambra Cr& US 1. But they did not tell us about what happened. It made people feel nervous because we did not know anything from the message and email they sent to us. We just know we were kind of in danger. One hour later, the ENN informed us all clear on campus and a little detail about the rob of the Capital Bank near campus. Hope next time the police department can send us more detailed message and let people know what happened firstly.