Letter to the Editor: Removal of ducks beneficial to local wildlife


I support the university’s actions in removing a few invasive Muscovy ducks from campus and suggest that more should be removed and humanely euthanized in accordance with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s recommendations for their control. Native to Central America and Ecuador, these introduced Muscovy ducks have become a problem throughout South Florida by competing for space with native waterbirds such as herons, gallinules and of course, Miami’s beloved ibises! Muscovy ducks should not be considered part of the native “campus wildlife” under any circumstances and should instead be viewed as a serious disease risk due to their constant defecation in Lake Osceola and on nearby sidewalks. The university administration should take further steps to reduce their population on campus and also to improve Lake Osceola’s spaces that attract Florida’s native waterfowl to enhance the true natural beauty of our campus.

Michael Connelly is a senior majoring in marine science and biology at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.



  1. Excellent article with substance. There are many people with a knee-jerk reaction saying they are against the removal of the ducks, but they should have some common sense. Also, in response to Lawrence, I respectfully disagree. Humans need to find an appropriate balance with nature, but what you are suggesting is myopic. Since Lawrence is so concerned about our actions of humans, he is a little hypocritical. Typing on your computer which was probably made with underpaid labor somewhere in Asia required use of natural resources. So did its transport from Asia to the US require to use of natural resources. If you are truly ashamed of the actions of humans for sake of convenience maybe you should move to the jungles of the Amazon. Then, you will truly be in peace.

  2. Human beings have caused more detriment to the natural wildlife than these creatures have ever caused for each other . In fact it is humans who are responsible for bringing Muscovy Ducks to South Florida in the first place . No creature is immune from being classified as a “disease risk” but the difference is that other animals are helped but a healthy duck is condemned simply by its label . Before stating the words “humanely euthanized” perhaps one might want to look into what that process truly involves and how those animals do in fact suffer not because they are ill but rather to suit the convenience of humans .