Romney writes off 47 percent of American voters

Recently, the public got a hold of a video that was recorded at a Mitt Romney fundraiser in Boca Raton .

In the video, Romney said 47 percent of Americans don’t pay income taxes and consider themselves victims who feel entitled to receive government assistance . He went on to say that he would never be able to convince this 47 percent of people to take personal responsibility and care for their lives.

Romney’s last statement: It wasn’t his job to worry about those people.

His statements created quite an uproar. Fourty-seven percent of individuals is almost half the country and, to my understanding, the president (or in this case, Republican presidential candidate) is supposed to look out for the best interest of the entire country, not just the people who favor him or pay taxes.

Romney also stated that the 47 percent would vote for President Barack Obama no matter what. The people in the 47 percent include senior citizens, war veterans, minorities, low income families and college students; not all of these groups belong exclusively to the Democratic Party. There are Independents and Republicans who do not pay income taxes either.

Just because this percentage does not pay income taxes doesn’t mean that they don’t pay taxes at all. There are still payroll taxes, sales tax, state taxes, and property taxes that these people have to pay.

As a college student with a job, I don’t pay income taxes because I simply don’t make enough, but I still get taxes taken out of every check.

When Romney was asked about his comments following the video’s release all he said was that his comments were inarticulately stated, but he stood by what he had been caught saying. It is interesting to note that some Republicans running for Congress have began distancing themselves from his comments in order to not jeopardize their own races.

If his words sent up a red flag in his own party, how much more alarmed should the general public be? In more recent interviews, Romney has insisted that he cares for all of the citizens in this country, which is a direct contrast to his earlier remarks. While candidates bend the facts in order to get a point across, this is a blatant contradiction. It also leaves you wondering what he would have said had he known a camera was running.

I am a voter, not a victim.

I do not consider myself dependent on the government and I do exercise personal responsibility, hence me maintaining a job while in college. There are people who are in the 47 percent that do abuse the system, but the abuse happens at both ends of the political spectrum.

Romney has shown his hand and now is the time for voters to ask themselves if they really want to elect a president that thinks so poorly of almost half of the country. I know that I don’t.

September 26, 2012


Taylor Duckett

5 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Romney writes off 47 percent of American voters”

  1. Cant believe the ignorance says:

    I cant believe the ignorance of some of the readers to think that they are excluded from the 47% because they are special. Romney has shown and stated that he is interested in the rich and some deluded folks think they are are part of that equation. get real, the Republican party only has an obligation to the super pacs that are payingg for their campaign and to Grover Norquist who they have pledged to, not to the voter. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  2. DISBELIEF says:

    Can not believe The Hurricane would publish such a slanted opinion article that has no core integrity and exaggerates so much. This article just repeats the same robotic liberal rhetoric that we hear all the time.

  3. J Ham says:

    NO RED FLAG HERE! Two things are discussed in my comments: Social Security and welfare fraud.
    I personally live on a lower poverty level Social Security (SS) income. I didn’t feel that Romney was referring to me or to those of us on SS, as a part of the 47%. That’s your spin on it, designed to pollute public opinion against Romney. I resent that you think we are so unthinking, stupid, and gullible. (God help those who ARE!)
    Romney, as an intelligent and experienced business man, surely knows that the SS program was originally mandated as an invested personal savings account for each person’s own use, in our old age. Social Security is NOT, nor was it ever, designed to be a part of our government’s spendable funds.
    Personally, I also LOVE Paul Ryan’s Medicare idea. I have read the actual plan and I think it’s a good idea. Sadly, the Obama-ites, and the rest of the media, which includes you, have tainted a good plan with untruths, typically.
    Romney was referring not to the elderly on SS, but most likely to those who commit welfare fraud, or who have become career welfare recipients who know how to use the system to their advantage.
    Vast amounts of people have figured out that birthing several kids can become a lucrative business – sort of like “CASH CALVES” for them, via the welfare system! (I do NOT refer to any specific ethnic group. All ethnicities have those who are guilty of this, although I can’t see the hard working Spanish and certain others doing so. This practice is largely specific to American-born slackers, period.)
    The method works like this:
    Birth several children by different biological fathers whom one does not marry. It doesn’t matter who the father is; whether he works or is capable of supporting the child, or even if he is sane, drug and/or alcohol free, or is an upstanding citizen. He just has to be capable of producing a welfare eligible baby.
    Since each child can be worth (very roughly) as much as $12,000 a year, via welfare, for housing, food, medical assistance, utility and phone services, and even spending money for cars, household goods and products, you name it. That process equals up to the more kids birthed, the better!
    Once the kids are of walking age, they can be left to run wild, no longer bothering the parent with their needs. Unfortunately they are destined to become the next criminal element, for lack of love or proper upbringing. The parent is free to live any way desired since the kids are out of sight, out of mind. (Witness the untold numbers of two or three year old kids found roaming the streets in winter, no shoes, no diapers, naked and alone, parent(s), usually the mother, nowhere to be found.)
    Meanwhile, men who are not reported as residents in the household, and who generate a good income in jobs like those in the auto industry, come and go into these households. The men assure the woman’s further financial gain, as well as providing other (shall we say) “benefits” to their non-working lifestyles. These men most often do little, to nothing, for the kids produced by other unknown men.
    Do the math. $12,000 * 6 kids…..pretty clever, huh? (Not so much.) I have witnessed these things with my own eyes, many times, via jobs and residences I have had.
    I now pose certain questions to the author of this biased article. Are any in government or those of you in the media still capable of THINKING or speaking for yourselves? Or have you all been “dumbed down” or desensitized so much so that you can no longer see what is right before your eyes? Can you only verbalize, as the good little robots you have become, that to which you have become mesmerized?
    Open your eyes, for God’s sake! See what is in front of you for what it is. You are being duped! Romney might at least guarantee SOME semblance of freedom as we know it. Obama’s group, who really control him and this mess, guarantee that we will NEVER again be free – and that includes YOU. THINK! Listen! Pay attention before it’s too late (if it’s not already)!

  4. Enrage reader says:

    As I recall you recently wrote an article about free speech. Romney was obviously exercising his right. Hestatement is clearly less offensive than what the Chick-fil-a owner has said and done (donated money to anti-gaymarriage groups), and you applauded him for that. I don’t really see what Romney did wrong.

    Also you are mud slinging rather than telling a real story. You are manipulating what Romney said.

    “Romney’s last statement: It wasn’t his job to worry about those people.” Are you serious. He is talking about campaigning strategies. He says that he will not be able to win those votes, therefore he has to focus on gaining the undecided population. I don’t care who you vote for, but this article is misleading.

  5. As one of the 47% he spoke of, I am sure he simple told the truth. And I would rather not be one of the 47%, if I can find a job. All of us, if the truth be told, do not want to be here, but Obama would like to keep us down here.

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