BREAKING NEWS: Ibis Ride canceled for remainder of semester


According to an e-mail from the Dean of Students’ office, Ibis Ride service to Coconut Grove has been canceled for the remainder of the Spring 2009 semester.

“The Dean of Students Office issued this decision after receiving reports of serious violations of rules both on and around Ibis Ride shuttles to the Grove including disrespectful treatment of drivers and monitors, grossly intoxicated students, students getting sick on the shuttles, mob scenes at pick up and drop off points, insistence on boarding the shuttles without Cane Cards and sneaking non-students onto the shuttles,” the statement said.

Shuttle service has been in danger before. Last spring the Dean of Students office threatened to cancel service if behavior on the buses didn’t improve, but after a “Save our Ibis Ride” campaign, the program was renewed for the 2008-2009 academic year.

It’s unclear at this time whether the service will be restored for the 2009-2010 academic year. According to the statement, the Dean of Students office plans to work with Student Government to resolve the issues and resume it next fall.

Stay with as this story develops.

April 7, 2009


Matthew Bunch

11 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “BREAKING NEWS: Ibis Ride canceled for remainder of semester”

  1. Laura says:

    Wrong. UF has the Later Gator, which is not public transportation. It is free for UF students and $1 for everyone else. FSU has the Night Nole, which is not available to everyone in Tallahassee, only Students and Faculty with ID. Too bad our public transportation in Miami is lacking.
    Oh please, like everyone who drinks or drinks and drives needs to go to Pier 21 or will all eventually be in jail for a DUI. That’s super great for you that you were too cool to take the Ibis Ride and could afford to take a cab every Thursday, but not everyone is so lucky. I fail to see how people who drive drunk ruin the Ibis Ride? It seems as though you are the pompous one, not them.

  2. vexedUMalum says:

    The funny thing is that rather than place the blame on the drunk students who are taking advantage of this service, you blame the school. Note: FSU and UF DO NOT provide these services for their students. As someone mentioned, these services are PUBLIC forms of transportation that are being utilized by college students (ie. even if the entire drunk FSU population makes the ride unbearable, the city is not going to get rid of a public service b/c of the immaturity and recklessness of the college crowd).

    UM OWES YOU NOTHING…so stop having this you better keep the “drunk bus” going, or else we’re all going to drive drunk. How about taking some responsibility for your own actions and paying the consequences if and when you mess up?

    As a UM alum, I know myself and my friends NEVER rode the ibis ride b/c we all considered it to be the preferred form of transportation for (excuse me on this one) “the drunk white kids/frat boys/sorority girls/underage drunks” who don’t have a ride to the grove. Pay for a cab, freshmen, and parents, demand some responsibility from your kids before you point the finger at UM.

    And as for those with tips on how to drive drunk effectively…it’s people like you with such a pompous, immature, invincible attitude that not only ruin things like the Ibis ride, but also get on the roads and kill someone. Now that Ibis ride is gone, you should try utilizing another UM service…Pier 21.

  3. Mike M says:

    This was a great service when I was at UM and it should not be taken away. Do they need to do a better job enforcing the rules? Absolutely. That’s exactly what they should do and not punish an entire student population based off of the actions of a select number of idiotic students.

  4. Laura says:

    Yeah it’s not hard to drive drunk in Miami, but that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to do it even if you never get caught.
    Some kids don’t want to pay for cabs and would rather drive drunk OR get in a car with someone who is intoxicated than pay. Not everyone at this school is wealthy.
    It is really only a handful of people ruining the Ibis Ride for the majority who are well-behaved. I’ve never witnessed anyone vomiting or being belligerent to the staff, but that’s not to say it doesn’t happen.
    Most schools have a “drunk bus”, like UF and FSU (and they’re public) and I’m sure they have to deal with this all the time, but I don’t see them canceling the ride.
    Stop generalizing that we are all spoiled brats or too stupid to not drive drunk. I’m sure most students have driven drunk more than once in their life, me included, and it’s not smart but sometimes it’s the only way.

  5. TH says:

    Kvetch, kvetch. You all saw this coming. Now, here’s a plan that MAY actually work:

    (Nate, BTW, you hit the friggin nail on the head… except we want to try to prevent drunk drivers…)

    1: Miami PD should step up with random check points. It’s pretty sad that it’s a known fact that getting a DUI in Miami is a tough thing to do. Select most commonly traveled paths in and out of the Grove and set up check points randomly on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Randomize the location and the dates to keep students scared and guessing. Do they want to take their chances? Maybe hiring a taxi IS cheaper than a DUI or time spent in jail for killing somebody. Those who do drunkenly travel thru the checkpoint should get what they deserve.

    2: UM is supposed to have some of the best and brightest students in the country. Why the hell are these idiots acting like belligerent, drunken buffoons and abusing the privilege of a free safe ride to and from the Grove? MORONS! Now you ruined it for the rest of them. IF you’re ever so LUCKY to have the administration re-implement the Ibis Ride (and they warned you, so don’t cry foul) then you ought to start having the respect your parents should have taught you when you get on that bus. You’re gonna be sick, but otherwise you’re a good passenger? Bring a bag and a bottle of water. If you’re a frequent vomit offender… learn your limits.

    3: The folks monitoring the Ibis ride are probably underpaid to begin with, but maybe a few more responsibilities wouldn’t hurt: A: No CaneCard, NO RIDE. B: Visibly sick/belligerent/fighting, NO RIDE. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to phone the police for those not allowed to ride… if they’re sooo bad they can’t get on the bus and their friends are causing a ruckus over not wanting to take a cab, maybe a little ‘drunk in public’ charge would get them a free ride somewhere.

    4: A lot of you need an attitude adjustment. This is a private institution of learning, not drinking; you are not ENTITLED to a free ride to your choice of watering holes. Salaries have little to do with this (I’m not saying ‘nothing’ to do with it… because money makes the word go ’round). Honestly, I don’t think the ride was cut BECAUSE of money; but the economic downturn may have had a few admins looking at the books for unnecessary expenses and they came across the Ibis Ride and they thought about it and they realized “Hey… these spoiled brats didn’t heed our warnings last time when we said ‘clean up your act’; why are we blowing money on a system they don’t respect?”
    I’m just speculating.
    But taking away the Ibis Ride isn’t FORCING drunk drivers on the road. Drunken idiots are forcing themselves on the road. Removing the Ibis Ride should force them into cabs and the cars of DD’s… But again, these are supposed to be some of the brightest kids in the country.

    SUPPOSED to be.

    If they haven’t learned respect and responsibility by now, when the hell will they?

  6. joe says:

    Just what we need. Our kids now being forced to get behind the wheel. Who is running this place. We spend a lot of money to go here. this is a private school. Thses adminstrators get paid very healty salireies . Deal with it.

  7. Not that hard says:

    If you haven’t figured it out already, it is pretty much impossible to get a DUI in Miami. Yes, I don’t encourage you to drive intoxicated if you don’t have practice, but for many of us it is an almost daily occurence and we are quite good at it. Hell, even drunk most drivers are better then most other drivers out there. I’ve gotten pulled over drunk exactly once, and the cop patted my arm and told me to “get home safely.” Drunk drivers are NOT the priority of the police here, especially UM students. So just keep it between the lines, do the speed limit and come to complete stops, you’ll be fine.

  8. Nate Skinner says:

    It’s about time. I hate to say this, but most of my fellow ‘Canes are douches, so I don’t blame the administration for doing what they had to do. The drivers on the Ibis Ride shouldn’t have to deal with the nonsense, and frankly, a drunk bus isn’t really on my “Things I give a damn about” list. If my classmates choose to drive drunk, let them, they’ll get busted, or die out there and that’s their fault. If they kill or hurt someone(Which is the last thing any of us want to see happen), they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The University has officially put all of us on notice that play time is over. If that means putting kids who get a DUI on probation, or even expelling them, then so be it. I manage to drink responsibly(And make sure I have a DD or enough money for a taxi), I don’t see what’s so incredibly hard about other people doing the same.

  9. sam says:

    sounds like a quick way to save a buck

  10. Robert Morris says:

    Interesting…as an alum, and as a parent of a current student I wonder the decision…some vomit, some bad behavior…thats about college…as for canceling the service, I vote NO…rather have some bad behaved kids throwing up then taking the chance that they will drive and kill themselves or others.

  11. Laura says:

    oh great. more drunk drivers on the road.

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