Actor Matt Damon to promote early voting for Obama at UM on Monday

Matt Damon 


Matt Damon

Actor Matt Damon will visit the University of Miami on Monday to speak at an early voting rally on the UC Rock on behalf of the Barack Obama campaign, according to an Obama For America student intern. The event will begin at noon.

Damon, along with actresses Kerry Washington and Alicia Silverstone, will also appear at VoteFest ’08, an all-day music festival funded by the Miami-Dade Democratic Party to promote early voting. The three will speak in the evening at the event, taking place Sunday at the Art Deco North Shore Bandshell on Collins Avenue and 73rd Street on Miami Beach.

October 25, 2008


Chelsea Kate Isaacs

7 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Actor Matt Damon to promote early voting for Obama at UM on Monday”

  1. Adia says:

    Julius: you’ve gone and called people stupid and ignorant when 1) you can’t even speak english properly, 2) Barack Obama is not Muslim but a Christian 3) He was NOT born in Kenya but in Hawaii you fucking retard. And what the hell is up with judging people by their birth names? Have you ever read his book? His ideals are alot closer to the American constitution than alot of people realize.

    And dude, the guy is a Harvard Law School graduate – he’s a hell of a lot smarter than you are and he’s the president of the United States so get used to it, total moron. 90% of the fucking rest of the world stands behind Obama.

    The only person who lost out here, is the idiot who threw away his movies for nothing. Did you ever stop to consider Sarah Palin, who was a heart beat away from the presidency? Did you see her idiot interview with Katie Couric? How she fell for that prank call by some Canadian comedians posing as the French president – she didnt even know who the prime minister of Canada was. She doesn’t even know the freaking countries that comprise NAFTA or that Africa is NOT a country – this is high school social studies!!! Nor does she know the difference between the Taliban and Al Quaeda or how the war in Iraq is different from the one in Afghanistan. And this woman was running for VP of the US. As Matt Damon said, “she could have had the nuclear codes.” THAT was the ONLY scary shit about the election.

  2. Dave says:

    I wish “We the People” would wake up and make changes in the voting system that will allow us to directly vote for the President and Vice President of the United States. Something we have never done.
    There are only 538 votes that count and that is the electOral College. A system from the (un)Holy Roman Empire that kept the citizens there from having their votes count too. An elitiest policy.
    We the People need to change this “elitiest” policy so We can vote directly for our President and Vice President. If our politicians do not want to bring this up for a vote, then get them out of office and get someone in there who will represent us.
    Remember, it is easier to bribe a few hundred people than over half the Country.
    Who watches over the electOrals to make sure that their votes have not been bought? This is something that needs to be investigated. These electOrals do not have to vote the way the people want them to, they can vote anyway they want to which leads to bribes. In other words, the elitiest have their candidate in office no matter what the people want. It (the electOrals not voting the way of the popular vote) has already happened three times in American history.
    Hypocrisy, When a leader of one country fights wars in other countries so the people in those other countries can vote for their leader when their own country does not have the same right.
    The people around the world know that the American people do not vote for their own President and that makes us look like fools.
    I wish these actors would get the American people behind them and change this way the President and Vice President are voted into office.
    At least it is not illegal to write these opinions, for now anyway.

  3. Julius says:

    I really really liked Matt Damon as an actor before he opened his ignorant mouth and spat out that he supportes barrak HUSSEIN obama. HUSSEIN people, the name of the man or lack there of, in which we just hung!!!!!!! As soon as I heard than matt damon supported barrak HUSSEIN obama, I threw away my favorite movie “The Departed” and all the Bourne……. This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ladies and gentleman!!!! I can believe the stupidity of this great nation who want to elect a muslim lawyer who was born in kenya and wants to raise the taxes of us hard working Americans. Please feel free to leave me a comment, GOD bless America- MJK USMC

  4. Greg says:

    Shiloh: You sound like a kindergartener continuously chanting “it’s a free country”. Damon has every right to do this, but he is NOT a commentator, is NOT the best person to represent the issues, is NOT a good representation of the American public in general, and is NOT using his fame to help others, but rather to impose his personal views on others. If I were in his shoes, I would have encouraged people to vote, to do their duty. Cite the 2000 elections, convince people that their vote counts. Stupid and careless and EXTREMELY egotistical to shower the public with one’s own political beliefs simply because one CAN.

  5. Shiloh says:

    I wish people at UM wouldn’t watch the fox news commentators and take their opinions so seriously when they scoff at other commentators like Damon. Damon is just like any other person who has the right to put a sticker on her car or wave a placard or make a speech. Get over it Kyle.

  6. Laura says:

    No one is forcing you to go listen to what Matt Damon or any other celebrity has to say in their endorsing a political candidate. Too bad half of the kids on campus are not educated and will not attempt to educate themselves on the other candidate’s views. Also, Matt Damon isn’t asking or telling people who to vote for, he’s just stating his opinion and encouraging early voters.
    Would you feel the same if it was a famous figure endorsing or urging you to vote for the candidate on the opposite political spectrum? I feel like that is something you might not object to.

  7. Kyle Addison says:

    I could care less who Matt Damon wants me to vote for. It is my freedom to make my decision and not feel led by someone using their fame to influence me with their opinion. What is most important for every voter is to be educated about the two candidates. This is the vote of a lifetime and will have great impact on our future. Change sounds great but so does winning the lottery. Will we regret the kind of CHANGE this country faces if Obama is elected? The kind of change really necessary to make a big impact is to replace the men and women in congress with new leaders. I am not telling anyone how to vote. I am asking voters to learn as much as they can about the candidate they plan to vote for in this election.

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